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Dr. Chang discusses Breast Augmentation and addresses common questions and concerns regarding breast augmentation at his practice in Northern Virginia.

Breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures performed by a plastic surgeon, and certainly one of my most commonly performed procedures. The typical patient that comes to me is either a young patient that really doesn't have much breast volume at all, or a patient that is somewhere in their 30s or 40s that have had children and through their pregnancies their breasts have changed. Those changes usually include loss of some breast volume, some flatness to their breast up top, or some saggyness to their breasts. So, by restoring it, that usually implies you can increase the fullness, give them a little more cleavage, and give them a little more of an uplift without a formal breast lift. Just by doing that it usually improves their self-esteem significantly, and the patients are significantly happier; they're able to fit in their clothes, their able to go to the beach, wear a bikini, and show off their bodies again.

Breast augmentation has come a long ways. Before, there was just saline implants. Now we have both saline and silicone implants. So, my patient's have that choice. They also have a choice of incisions. They can have the incision underneath their breast, around the nipple areola complex, or underneath their armpits, and it's their choice. And once you come in for your consultations, we kind of go through the ins and outs of each of those choices, and you get to pick. You get to pick the incision, you get to pick the type of implant, and you get to pick the size.

A lot of my patient's come in saying, "are they safe?" I personally think that they are safe. Just like any device, however, there can be issues, and we'll go through some of those issues during your consultation.

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure now. You have the procedure and the procedure itself takes somewhere between a hour and a hour and a half, and you get to go home. One of the biggest fears my patient's has is what the recovery is like and how much it might hurt them. I've tried to eliminate that fear by incorporating something called a breast pain pump into all of my procedures. It's a pump that's filled with pain medicine, and it goes through a little catheter and goes into the breast during your procedure, and that pain medicine just continuously runs through no effort of your own. And so because of that, you have no pain for two to three days. So the biggest fear that most of my patients have, which is the pain, I think has been relatively eliminated.

So, in those three steps I think many women have the ability to look significantly younger, and some women have the ability to look ten years younger.

Dr. Phillip Chang is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures of the Face, Breast, and Body. He has created innovations in procedures like the Mini-Facelift, the Mini Scar Breast Augmentation, and the Mommy Makeover procedures which emphasize natural results and less recovery times. Dr. Chang has offices in Loudoun, and Fairfax.

Breast augmentation and breast enlargement procedures are one of the most common cosmetic surgery and plastic surgeon procedures performed in America today because women like having a choice of minimal incision procedures. The most common procedures are the Transaxillary Augmentation Procedure, which involves a small incision under the armpit, the Periariolar Incision and the Inframammary Incision. Breast implants are placed under the muscle, which means a lower rate of complications, more natural appearance, and easier interpretations of mammograms.

Breast enlargement and breast augmentation is most appealing to three types of women: 1) self conscious women with smaller breasts, 2) women who have experienced a decrease or loss in breast volume after having children, and 3) women with sagging breasts as a result of age or child-bearing. Breast enlargement provides a women with a boosted sense of self-esteem and self-image.

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia, with numbing medicine placed into the breast to make the postoperative recovery period more bearable. Most women are back to work in a week, and bruising and swelling will take 2-4 weeks to improve.

Breast Lift - Mastopexy

With age, a woman's breasts gradually decrease in shape, size and firmness as a result of gravity, pregnancy, breast feeding and weight changes. The breasts will sag and feel old. A breast lift can help reshape, rejuvenate, and lift the breasts to their normal location of youth. Performed as an outpatient procedure at an outpatient surgery center, patients with a minor amount of sag and size decrease may only need an implant augmentation procedure. The augmentation procedure restores the fullness of youth, but minimizes the scars involved with typical breast lift procedures.

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